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With Jay-Z as an idol and favourite rapper, 21-year-old rapper Terrell “T.City” Downey is setting the bar almost as high as it can get. With a poet mother and a rapper father, his artistic flare may very well be hereditary. Having gained an appreciation for language from his mother, Downey´s passion is the words he uses in his songs.

His love began at an early age; he´s a self-taught rapper who´s been writing since elementary school. It wasn´t until high school that he actually started recording.  In the last year, Downey began making serious moves in the Toronto hip-hop community.

Joining ReSet was the first step, and he hopes it will be the launch pad for his career. One of the most exciting aspects of the ReSet team, for him, is the tight-knit nature of the company – everybody knows everybody in and outside the studio.

He´s currently working on his solo mixtape, Olde English, a collection of songs he wants people to vibe to while they´re with friends, perhaps enjoying a beer of the same name. With the industry looking to Toronto after its export of superstar rapper Drake, Downey sees now as the perfect time to be a young rapper in Toronto and is expecting big things to come out of the release of Olde English. He´s also studying business management at Ryerson. But like his idol once said, he doesn´t want to be a businessman; he wants to be a business, man.

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