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Robby Mohammed, also known as, ADAN is a multi-talented artist based in Toronto, Canada. His avid interest in music dates back to elementary school where he was involved in many forms of Hip-Hop including breakdancing, beat boxing and DJing. As he developed his musical skills, Robby transitioned his hobbies into pursuing music production as a full-time career. With no previous experience, ADAN was able to teach himself from the grassroots on how to produce beats at a professional level. His creativity & dedication is still what drives him to constantly learn more about music as a student of the arts.

During high school, ADAN partnered up with Toronto DJ/Producer Sean Roman (Mutt) at a local studio program with the St. Albans Boys’ and Girls’ Club situated in downtown Toronto. While using basic music software such as Fruity Loops and Reason, Robby was mentored by Sean to help him develop and expose the immeasurable potential he had as a producer. Since then, he has never been afraid to attempt new methods of production including sampling, cross-genres, R&B, soul and electro sounds.

ADAN has an open mind to different types of music and always seeks to create new sounds while incorporating a “mainstream” vibe to his songs. Constantly growing as an artist, ADAN aspires to collaborate with successful industry superstars including Kanye West, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane and M.I.A in the near future.

Currently, ADAN is excited to be a member of the ReSet Music team and is working with a talented group of local artists to cultivate a new, unique Canadian hip-hop sound.

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